Which bag would you choose?

  1. I'm a huge fan of the Burberry Hoxton Studded Hobo :heart:. Does anyone know if this is the type of bag that will go on sale (I'm a newbie to Burberry)? If so, then I will definitely hold off on buying it now.

    If the Hoxton studded hobo is the type of bag that will NEVER go on sale, then i'm facing a dilemma. I can't seem to decide between this Burberry bag and a Blue Chanel bag :confused1:. I love em both but can only afford 1.

    Which bag would you choose? Thanks in advance for your input :flowers:
    burberry studded hobo.jpg ChanelBlueFBhanging.jpg
  2. First one. The chanel looks a bit blegh (no offence to chanel lovers but there are better chanel designs out there).
  3. the gucci bag for sure
  4. Chanel one looks so classy!!!!!!!
  5. the burberry bag!!!!!
  6. Chanel. It's way more timeless and classy and will keeps its value more as well.
  7. The burberry bag.
  8. Love the Burberry one!
  9. definitley burberry...the chanel looks so boring, just a hobo with the CCs on it!
  10. I adore the studded Burberry! It is very unique, eyecatching and well... simple amazing!
  11. I love both but you may want to try the Burberry first, it looks really heavy with all the studs! You wouldn't want a sore shoulder after putting all your stuffs in it.
  12. if u want to have a hobo style, the burberry is way to go
    it's more well designed than teh chanel :p

  13. Burberry- let us know what you decide
  14. Burberry
  15. I think I prefer the Chanel.. can you try them instore?