Which bag would you choose?

  1. would you choose:

    the ribera MM,
    the popincourt,
    the trocadero 27,

    or which bag would you recommend?

    I'm not looking for any with fancy designs, i just want the more classic ones : )
    i've tried the Noe and it just isn't me, thoguh it looks fabulous on some people! help please!!
  2. Are you looking for handheld or on the shoulder ? That will really narrow it down for you.
  3. i like the popincourt :smile: i think its cutee!
  4. We definately need some more input!
  5. hmm.. on the shouler would be good : )
  6. ^^then the popincourt haut would be good.
  7. Batignolles Horizontal or Bucket .
  8. popincourt! :smile:
  9. popincourt haut or Batignolles Horizontal
  10. Ribera MM........
  11. popincourt!!!!!
  12. i want to get the popincourt too.. but i hate watching my bag patina : ((((
  13. love the poppincourt haut! so cute and the size is just right.
  14. Trocadero 27 the interior is leather:tup:
  15. I think the Popincourt is very unique.