Which bag would YOU choose and why?

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Which bag would YOU choose?

  1. Louis Vuitton Waltz Oskar

  2. Hermes Birkin

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  1. Waltz Oskar (love it because I've yet to see it on anyone, other than a few celebs)

    A7.jpg untitled6.jpg untitled7.jpg


    Hermes Birkin (love it because it's a timeless classsic)

    CWeitzMPapara_081407_2.jpg 77057548as6.jpg

    I *think* I've got my mind made up but want to hear what the masses think!:graucho:
  2. Birkin for sure. I'm not into the LV logo much anyway but mixed with the ostrich and python is it? Not a fan at all.. and it's one of those bags that will date rather quickly i'm sure.
  3. Neither? Maybe I'm too picky. I don't like logos, and the Birkin is too structured for me.
  4. Birkin!:girlsigh:
  5. I am going to say LV. I am crazy for the fact that Hermes does not do anything for me, but what can you do!
  6. Both are gorgeous bags, but I prefer the Birkin because it's a timeless classic, and I love its subtle elegance.
  7. Ok, yes the black Birkin is the Holy Grail Handbag. I'll admit that. I have seen it IRL in black and I stare and :drool:. I would still choose Oskar...:girlsigh:, I LOVE that bag. It is beyond perfect and please do not get rid of him!! (sorry :sad: no begging allowed I'm sure!)
  8. Definitely the BIRKIN!!!!
  9. As much as I love LV, I would still get the Birkin. There's just something magical about that bag to me.
  10. Birkin, nothing beats it. It looks way better than mono LV.
  11. The Birkin has just always looked like an old lady bag to me. If I had to pick from the two I would choose LV, but even that one I am not crazy about.
  12. I'm not crazy for those bags but if I had to pick it would be the LV. Hermes just doesn't do anything for me.
  13. I love Hermes scarves, but the bags leave me cold.
  14. the birkin. :smile:
  15. I'd say the Birkin, because it is such an amazing classic bag. I think it will ALWAYS be in style.