Which bag would you carry to Vegas??

  1. I am really having a hard time deciding which bag to take to Vegas. I was thinking that I would take my damier speedy but now that I received my BH, I am leaning towards it. But, I am a little concerned that the BH doesn't have a zipper. That may be a problem at the airport and at the casinos. But, a shoulder bag may be better when sightseeing. I only want to take one bag because I don't want to pack any in my luggage. My collection is small so not many choices. It consists of:

    mono speedy 30
    damier speedy 30
    batignolles horizontal
    musette salsa
    epi noe

    I am going to Vegas this weekend for 3 days. :yahoo: Thanks.
  2. I'd say BH because I think a handheld bag would get on your nerve eventually & also if you change your mind about packing on put the musette salsa in your case.
  3. Musette Salsa. More secure especially with the over flap since your are worry about the Batignolles lack of a zip top.
  4. I took my BH when I was there a few months ago. It worked great!
  5. i'd go with Batignolles too, just because its roomy, goes over your shoulder and i love the shape.
    you could always go with no bags and buy one when you get there ;)
  6. I have considered this option. :graucho: But, I'm thinking maybe I'll get my agenda in pomme while I'm there.........
  7. I would carry the musette salsa.
  8. Musette salsa.
    Carrying a handheld bag could be a hassle in Las Vegas.
  9. Musette Salsa, not a handheld, and it also looks like it could be packed away easily if you find another bag in Vegas (who knows?)
  10. Any LV bag would work, big, small - however if you are going to be spending your time in the casino or night clubs - then something small, something you can put over your shoulder.....mini looping would be nice!!
  11. bh. i just love that bag...and i just dont think that speedies were meant for vegas..
  12. I would go with the musette salsa. I wouldn't take a bag that doesn't zip to vegas.
  13. ITA
  14. Musette Salsa for all the above reasons.
  15. ITA with above also!
    And, if it does not work out that you chose the right bag to bring, then hop on over to one of the LV boutiques and bring home a new baby!:graucho: :p