Which bag would sell...?

  1. Okay, so after my large signature beaded tote started to fall apart, I brought it back to the store and they told me they couldn't repair it... :cry: The up side is, I did get full store credit back.

    Here's the thing: I have everything I want from Coach for now, and won't buy anything until winter or so. I am DYING for the LV Speedy 25 and was thinking of buying a Coach with my credit and selling it on e-bay, and putting the money towards my LV.

    Which new bag do you guys think would sell for the closest to its value? What's most in demand? While I tend to go for the more classic leather styles, I know a lot of the newer, trendier, and even more "seasonal" styles are hot on e-bay.

    Help please! :yes:
  2. Something limited edition, like the scarf print or indigo patchwork maybe?

    Scan through eBay a bit and see what is getting a lot of bids/traffic.
  3. Could you sell your store credit on e-bay?
  4. ^^ That's just what I was thinking. You could prolly use your store credit to buy a gift certificate and then just sell that. You'd get more $$ that way than with buying a purse and reselling it.
  5. I see store credit on eBay all the time & I really don't understand the people bidding on it..the bid usually ends like $5.00 below the actually store credit amount, but then you have s/h & it's pretty much even.
  6. I agree with the other posters, it may be a better idea to just sell the store credit.
  7. That's a good idea. Thanks :smile:
  8. And then the shipping would only be $0.39
  9. usually I think sellers will ship things like gift cards and coupons free

    I probably wouldn't bother, but $5 is still $5 right? $5 to me is half what I paid for a scarf at the Coach outlet, a couple drinks at Starbucks, 2 salads and 4 yogurts at the grocery store, etc
  10. They're actually going for a much larger price gap than I thought they would - I say a $428 gift card go for $368.77, and $435 for $375.05. I'm still considering going the bag-selling route, so any ideas on that would be appreciated. :biggrin:
  11. I agree, get something limited edition, wait a few weeks to sell out, and then you will probably make more than what you paid, haha. But don't wait too long or the demand will be gone.