Which bag would be a great everyday/diaper bag?!


Which is the best shoulder bag/diaper bag?

  1. Batignolles Horizontal

  2. Cabas Mezzo

  3. Cabas Piano

  4. Lock It Horizontal

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  1. New to the forum. Quick intro- LV lover. Collection includes the Cabas Piano, Pochette Mono, and Pochette Vernis (mocha) (just got it, love it, love it, love it!)

    So, since you guys REALLY know your stuff... Need a tote that can double as a diaper bag. Considering the Cabas Mezzo, but having the piano, is that a wise investment? Is the Cabas easy to get into?

    Can you suggest something else? Only requirements are that it is BIG and easily tossed over the shoulder.

    Babylone? Lucco Tote? Doesn't have to be Mono..
  2. How about an actual LV diaper bag?:idea:
  3. Consider it, however the front buckles to get in and out don't seem practicle (not that buying a $1,000+ is practicle either). Also, after the kids are out of diapers, it is still a diaper bag. Well, actually, I guess it can be a messenger. But I am still not crazy about it.

    Angelina Jolie looks so awesome with her Mezzo...
  4. I think the BH would be great. I have one now & thought wow this would be a great baby bag when I have one someday.
  5. Help me out here...BH?
  6. BH= Batignolles Horizonal ($775):

    It's sister, the Batignolles Vertical (also $775):
    and their smaller, handheld cousin, Batignolles ($670):
  7. Thank you. I'll check that one out!

    What do you think about the Saleya GM. Seems nice and roomy...
  8. The Saleya GM is quite nice and very roomy. However, the shoulder straps are quite small IMO. I once tried it on at the store (and I wasn't wearing a thick coat, I just had a t-shirt and thin jean jacket on), and I could barely fit the handles over my shoulder. And I have skinny arms. If you're interested in the Saleya GM, try it on at the store to see how it fits on your shoulders.
  9. I would get the Saleya Gm.
  10. I have teh Batignolles Horizontal and 3 children. I can safely tell you it'd totally suffice as a diaper bag!
  11. What about a messenger bag?
  12. I say Cabas Mezzo or BH. or perhaps even Cabas Mary Kate. I have the Saleya MM and have tried on the GM several times, the strap drop is very good but it has the potential to get very heavy, I say Cabas!
  13. I would say Cabas mezzo-- just look at angelina Jolie with 2 kids and now 3... Batignolles is also nice, i just dont llike that it doesnt have a zip top so bottles might roll down or something, stuff getting wet in the rain, etc... Im kinda biased bec Im actually thinking of cabas Mezzo to be used as a diaperr bag, though im still contemplating coz I live in a country where kids have nannies, and it's the nanny whho uses the bag.
  14. i've always wanted that diaper bag! :graucho:
  15. The Damier Chelsea is a perfect bag fro everyday use and also stylish for a diaper bag.