Which bag with this dress? Please show me pics!

  1. Hi!

    Which bag can I wear with this dress?

    I like to wear an turquoise one cause I also want to wear an turquiose cardigan. Please help and show me pics.

  2. Is it for an evening or daytime event?

    I'd choose a smaller bag for evening... and for some reason cream is sceaming to me. I wouldn't do turquoise because it would be overkill with the cardigan. Something like a baby stam in white chiffon or almond

    Daytime I would go with something like a Sophia, Elise, or Blake in a color matching your dress, like pink.
  3. Yeah, I agree with thithi. I think neutral color for evening will look great.

    Daytime I would go with either Venetia or Blake in pink or green shades but no turqoise cardigans.
  4. totally with thithi here

    cream baby stam for night

    an elise for day

    it'd be a gorgeous outfit!!
  5. It should be for the day time.

    I wear with this dress gold Anne Klein Sandals. So I have to look,that the bag also looks great with the choose.

    Its not good if I wear so much different colours.
    Its difficult :sad:

    I am thinking about to change my cardigan into another colour,maybe pink. What do you think?

    I have the white venetia but I think it wouldn´t be good with this dress.The venetia has gold hardware that will be nice with the shoes,but dont know if this bag is maybe to white for the dress.

    I know have seen a green mj blake, what do you think?
    But which cardigan should I then wear??

    Or I wear an pink cardigan, maybe this one or is it to light?

    Whit maybe an cream stam? or a pink bag?
  6. I think the dress already has a lot of color though mainly white dominated. The blake is gorgeous!:love: I think it will be perfect for day/night. Maye the cardigans should be neutral color. Not white but more like off white like nude or Ivory. Canary or cream will be a good choice too.
  7. I sort of like the pink cardigan with the green blake. A cream colored cardigan would look nice too. But definitely the green blake!
  8. What do you think about this cardigan and the green blake?
  9. The cream cardigan with the blake is my fav - that dress is really pretty!!
  10. ITA!! go with the cream cardigan and the green blake! That's a killer combination!
  11. I agree, the cream cardigan and green blake would be really nice with that pretty dress!
  12. THANK U ALL SO SO SO MUCH FOR YOUR HELP!:heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart:
    :heart: :heart:
  13. Aw, glad that we all can help you. The cardigan is indeed very cute!!!:yahoo:
  14. I have the DVF top that is this same pattern. I wear my spearmint Blake bag with it and it looks fantastic! A cream cardi would look great with it.
  15. Wear the cream cardigan so the bag will stand out. Not that you won't, of course, in such a pretty dress!