Which bag with this dress? Gold or turquoise?

  1. Hi!

    Which bag can I wear with this dress?

    I like to wear an turquoise one cause I also want to wear an turquiose cardigan. Please help and show me pics.

    I also think about a gold one? But they have to be small. What do you mean?

  2. I dont know about Prada, but I'd personally probably carry my white LV Suhali with this. I'm not one to be stylish, like ever...lol... so I definitely am not one to take advice from? LOL
    Good luck. Great dress!
  3. Thank u so much for your reply.
  4. hm I don't know any turquoise colored bags, I think you could still wear a gold clutch with your turq. colored cardigan, and gold shoes, orrrr a silver clutch and shoes. Or I guess metallic in general since it sounds like you want the bag to stand out over the dress print