Which Bag Will You Carry On Valentines Day?

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  1. Hello ladies,
    Valentines Day is this Friday, what coach bag will you be carrying?

    Here in New York we are having a Nor'easter tomorrow and it will snow through Valentines Day so I will be carrying Miss Madison Patent Crimson Juliette.
    One of the things I love about the Patent Leather bags is that they are great to carry in all types of bad weather.

  2. Ocelot NS Tote.jpeg

    This bag is beautiful. One of my great Coach regrets.

    We will be getting hit with snow as well so I am not sure if Friday will be a work day or a day off. I will probably move back to my ocelot N/S tote.
  3. I'm busting out Miss Phoebe in cranberry as it's the only red color bag that I have...

  4. Miss Fuchsia Lindsey!

  5. ^^^beauties going out so far!
  6. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1392258410.334461.jpg

    Peach/rose Madison hobo with double heart fob and my new MFF heart accessories!
  7. I'll be using my pretty in pink basket clutch!

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    I do not own a pink or red purse! Will prob. wear my new Teal Phoebe , since I will probably be going out for Valentines Day with DH, if we can shovel ourselves out of the snow! :graucho:

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  9. Raspberry gathered Sophia ;) I am obsessed!!!! So in love with this purse it shall be my valentine... Don't tell the husband :smile:

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  10. Gorgeous!!! And a fun thread :smile:
  11. I love looking at all the beautiful bags you all have.

    Keep them coming!
  12. Madison patent Maggie in orchid. Good for the color and the weather!

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  13. Ladies I'm jelly about your red or pink bags...lol
    but I will wear my favorite that new to my collection is my Campbell:smile:

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  14. That bag is so so adorable:smile:
  15. I love all of the beautiful bags posted. I'll be wearing either my Garnet Madison Pinnacle Drawstring or my Crimson MSB :love: :

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