Which bag will have more staying power


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  1. Louie

  2. Paddy

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  1. Both kind of fun and trendy, but which will look less dated in a year or so?

    Louis Vuitton Black Multicolor Theda

    Chloe Paddy in Anthracite
  2. I think that the monogram LV and damier is a more classic design. I am not a big fan of the multi-color or murakami designs. They are very tacky looking to me. And I know a lot of PF's are going to hate for me for this, but I think the cherry monogrammed bags are hideous. :sick:

    Perhaps if you had listed a Louis with the classic canvas LV's or Damier I would have chosen it over the paddington. The only thing "trendy" about the paddington is the padlock and that's removable!!! The paddington is still gorgeous without the lock!
  3. I have to vote for the paddy. I have heard time and again that they were on the way out, but then each season gets a huge following. And to be honest, now that I have one, I would not get rid of her for a long long time! I am in love!

    I also think the MC LV bags are on the way out. If it were perhaps another LV bag, then my vote might be different.
  4. Another ditto for the Paddy, i don't have one but do think it has more longevity than the multicolor. i only have 1 MC piece, a Black PT wallet, anything bigger would have been too much (for me at least). Now Damier or Mono LV will always be classic
  5. I recently crossed over to Chloe and picked up a grenat Paddy and I LOOOOVE it. So much so that I'm thinking of hunting down an anthracite to add to my collection.
    I'm an avid Louis fan as well, so I have a lot of the classic mono canvas pieces (Alma, Speedy...)

    I was never a fan of the MC and I recently added the Theda in white.
    THAT bag AND the grenat Paddy are my two favorite bags in my collection.

    So I'm torn in terms of where to go next...on one hand I LOVE the shape of the Theda and the MC has grown on me. I think there's something about any Louie style that is timeless and there will always be fans...then on the other hand I only have ONE Chloe...
  6. Go for the anthracite paddy! it is so incredibly beautiful!!!
  7. I'd go for the anthracite paddy,too. It is gorgeous, I want one.
  8. Another vote for the Paddy :flowers:
  9. Paddy. =)
  10. I'm honestly not a big fan of either bag -Paddy's too clunky with the padlock, and i prefer Damier or Epi LV-, but my vote goes to Paddy for looking a bit more simpler and sophisticated IMO.
  11. Go for the paddy! I had a mono Theda and sold it. Loved it when I first saw it and then realized it was weird looking. I agree with others.....the MC is out. If you want LV, then go for mono or damier. I own a paddy and love it. I think it will be around for awhile.
  12. Paddy!
  13. ditto.
  14. I vote Paddy, b/c its totally leather (except for the removable lock, of course:yes: ). And leather bags never really go out. The color is fabulous now and when they aren't making them in that color I'm sure everyone will want one. I know I do!
  15. the paddy. I've never been a fan of the theda. plus the paddy is divine leather, and the theda is...canvas.