Which bag will be the 'It" bag for Autumn 2006?

  1. Does anyone have any ideas which bag will be the one to have for Autumn 2006? Have any of you put names on waiting lists yet?
  2. I think the Muse will still be hot. It's really picked up steam recently and it's the bag I hear most people talking about - especially with the beautiful new fall colors that will suit it so very well.

    I think the Chloe's EDITH will also get a bit hotter in the fall. For one it seems like they didn't make enough for the first round of distribution as the only one's that come up on Saks or Neimans are returns - and second - it really is more of a fall/winter looking bag (even though we're all rockin' it this summer) - that academic look that it has goes with turning leaves, tailgates and weekends in New England look.

  3. "It" bag does not necessarily equal trend. A bag can be a hit one year without being a good reflection of the upcoming trends.

    As far as trends are concerned, I think we've just through years of slouchy fruity or pastel coloured bags. I think the trend will soon go back to something much more structured (more like Hermes Bags), in deep rich colours (see the Balenciaga color swatches for Fall 06).

    What might win the "it" bag title? I have a feeling people will fight over oversized bags (Balenciaga weekender, muse Extra Large, 50 cm kelly...), ad that is going to be a huge hit for next fall/winter.

    Just my feeling, of course.
  4. I think the Muse, Balenciaga City, the MJ Stam, Chloe paddy continue to gain momentum and will still be really hot this fall. THe Chloe Edith had mixed reviews- people either loved it or hated it, but like beauxgrois said, it is really a fall bag so it will probably be hot again.
  5. no on has mentioned te gaucho. Is it on te way out do you thhink?

    I still haven't got it and although it complimants my style really well i don't know if i want it.
  8. my two cents worth. Bags that will make it this fall will be more like the Muse, things will get a little more cleaned up. There is enough of boho chic, enough washed leathers...get ready for more bags like MJ is showing for fall on Style.com. Look for more satchels, chain strap detailing. A little more grown up looking, with a vintage slant.

    The other day there was a girl wearing the calfskin leopard muse, she was crossing the street in Santa Monica. I would have sworn it was a vintage bag, but getting up close I realized it was the Muse. What makes this bag so cool, is that it looks old and classic, yet it is new and hot.
  9. ^^^exactly!

    ^^there's also the TDF leopard muses' - both regular and the gorgeous snow leopard

  10. LondonBrat, I absolutely love my gaucho.. and I still plan on wearing it in the fall. IMO, if it compliments your style well, that's reason enough to get it :smile:
  11. I think the luxury bowler will be still be hot ;)
  12. London, I am dying for a Gaucho still! Maybe that will be the red bag I think I need so bad!
  13. I too think the Muse will be hot. I see more classic looking bags being "it" bags for the fall. I lot of satchels/doctor bag shapes.

    As far as the Gaucho being "out", I say if you love it, its never "out.":smile:
  14. Agreed!! If you love any bag and it's for you, then it's never "out"! I love the Gaucho and plan on carrying mine for a long time. They're producing new colors for the fall....one is a metallic.
  15. I wanted to add the new hermes Orange Muse for fall 2006! :smile: