Which bag tweedy or dalmation?

  1. Hi, I'm debating between 3 bags the tweedy, sac rabat dalmation, or Le Talentueux ? TIA:nuts:
    1065004192070_Tweedy_1.jpg p10506101_ph_althero_Black.jpg is.php.jpg
  2. Suhali Le Talentueux.
  3. Love the tweedy!anything but the dalmation....
  4. Out of the three, I :love: SUHALI the most!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Tweedy would be my second choice!!! I still want Sac Rabat though!!!:lol::wacko:
  5. Suhali, no question. It's divine!
  6. suhali with the tweedy as number 2. i don't really like the dalmation
  7. suhali!
  8. suhali w/out a doubt!
  9. Suhali for me too. So classy!
  10. The suhali, it's classic and will go with everything.

    With that being said, I really do have a soft spot in my heart for the Tweedy, I love it ! I think it's a fun twist on LV and it's not too over the top.. like the damatian bag. That's just a little too wild, kind of like, you couldn't decide between animal print and colours and wanted both - like a deranged Cruella !
  11. LOL at the Cruella comparison. I agree with everyone else, the suhali is the beauty of the bunch.
  12. same here!
  13. suhali
  14. In order from which I like best:

    Tweed, Le Talentueux, Sac Rabat Dalmatien...
  15. Not sure why but I like the dal :lol: Then after that the suhali, then the tweed.