Which bag to you carry when...

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  1. you're going to a little black dress event? I need to buy a bag for these occassions and need suggestions. Thanks
  2. EPI pochette with gold in black or mandarin.
  3. That would look very nice.
  4. depends... depends on what you'll be wearing, i think a vernis line or epi...
  5. Vernis and epi line are good..of course it depends on what you are wearing.
  6. If you want to carry a bag with a little more room an epi Jasmin is a good choice.
  7. what clutches would you suggest besides shirley & hornfleur?
  8. The red epi pochette.
  9. My 2 favorite bags for "cocktail dress" events are the black satin little papillon, and the red Vernis lexington!
  10. Sounds hot! :love:
  11. i have the Monogram Pochette Marelle, and i'd use that
  12. I have the pochette marelle too and it's hot! I would feel funny wearing it in the US with a belt though. I think it's a more European thing.
  13. "black satin little papillon" .....Sounds Perfect. There Was Another Thread Similar To This ~ About Dressing Up...My Answer, As Many Are My Different Pochettes....When I Think About It I Don't Use Then To Dress Up.....I Go Outside Of LV For This. You Think With All The Money Spent On LV, There Would Be Something For Me. I Do Love The Shirley.
  14. Gracie PM
  15. MC shirley in black :heart: