Which bag to wear with this coat?

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  1. I fell in love with this burberry coat, and even though I know that the pattern is quite loud, I just had to have it.

    But now I am wondering which bag to wear with it?!
    I think that black epi will suit it well, but how about classic mono / damier / azur?

    Is the jacket too obvious burberry jacket, so that I should NOT combine it with LV logopattern?

    Thanks ladies!
  2. It's a beautiful coat and I think Epi would be your best bet. I wouldn't pair this particular piece with Monogram or Damier. I think it's a little too much. Good luck deciding :smile:
  3. Love that coat!!! I can see a cream or taupe Mahina for sure!!
  4. Verone or White Suhali! :
  5. Vernis, Mahina, Suhali or Epi are all good bets.
  6. In my opinion black bags suit well to that coat for example black Epi, black Vernis, black Suhali. White combines as well.
  7. It is pretty and not loud. An ivory Epi would be really pretty with it.
  8. Epi or Classic Mono.
  9. i love your coat ! azur not sure....
  10. suhali, vernis, or damier
  11. Very nice jacket! I'd go with Epi or Suhali.
  12. epi, a solid color would be best
  13. Epi or mono.
  14. Pretty coat. Definitely Suhali or Epi!
  15. Epi or even vernis or a mahina