*Which bag to wear for an opening night ?*


Nov 29, 2007
:yahoo:At last we have a west end theatre and a date for the opening of DH's show (Dickens Unplugged). Previews start on May 23rd at The Comedy Theatre (in Central London) and the opening night is June 9th.

I've already bought my dress for the opening night party, now all I need to decide is which bag to wear with it :thinking:. I've just drawn DH's attention to a show stopping (pardon the pun) large Heloise in 'Or' (silvery metallic with a touch of rosy gold....if that makes sense...sounds horrible, but IRL is actually v.beautiful :love:) which would be just the ticket !

I think this must have been the bag I saw in LYM's photos which I thought was just a silver metallic colour , because when I saw the same bag IRL, the colour was described as 'Or' and definitely had the tiniest hint of gold in the sheen of the TDF leather ( and I remember LYM saying the one she photographed did have a gold tone to it).

Having vowed never to buy another metallic Chloe, I might just be persuaded to change my mind about this one, especially as it wouldn't be one for everyday use ( too bling for that purpose, plus we all know what happens to Chloe metallics with heavy use).

BTW I thinkI'm getting a real 'thing' about Heloises in the same way as I used to have about the quilted Bay.

Anyhow, I'll have to see if DH takes the bait, but truth to be told, I have done alot of unpaid work on the show over the last 18 months (loved:heart: every minute of it though) and now DH is actually going to be appearing in the west end production himself, I'll be co-directing the upcoming rehearsals, so I think I've got a good case for nominating a special opening night present :graucho:.

DH and I are both very excited :happydance:and also very nervous:wondering about the west end run, so can I ask everyone who has been following our theatrical journey to please touch the nearest piece of wood for us and Div, please focus your positive visualisation on great reviews, a long and successful run and a large Heloise in 'Or'....thank you :drinkup:!!!


like two plums
Jan 10, 2007
Oh yes - the heloise in or most definitely! It's perfect for such a big night!

And good luck with the opening and the season - how exciting!


What time is it?
Oct 30, 2007
Juste Delighted!
This may be the most thinly veiled request for enablement I have ever seen! :roflmfao:

That being said, of COURSE you should get the Or Heli, you totally deserve it, and you've done a lot of work, and gone through a lot emotionally to get to this night, and in years to come you'll always remember the occasion by it.

There, how's that? :winkiss:


Oct 7, 2007

yes, sending bundles of positive vibes for both the show opening and Miss Or!!!


Aug 24, 2006
You know I'm in your corner for support of this Heloise, it is incredibly beautiful -- go for it and you deserve it!!


May 14, 2007
Thats great news about the show you both must be so pleased and very excited I hope it all goes well and you get rave reviews

Just a note of caution about the metallic bag I noticed you said you are getting a real thing about the heloise like you did about the bay just remember that you did sell your most out there colours of those LOL

But you do deserve something lovely for the party night after all your hard work


Nov 29, 2007
:party:Thanks for your kind words girls...to be absolutely honest, getting the 'Or' Heloise :love: for opening night is a 'serious' consideration :yes: but the main thing is that I wanted to let everyone who has been so supportive over the time that I've been working towards the big one with DH's show, know that we finally got there in the end (let's just hope we STAY there...DH's last show in the west end ran for 9 years so that's a very big record to beat :s).

Anyway, I knew if I just started a thread about a stage show it would probably be considered so off-topic that it may have been removed, so I thought I'd combine bags and theatre to make sure that didn't happen ;)...so it wasn't just a thinly veiled plea for enabling after all :rolleyes:.

Jackie - I know what you mean about selling off all my coloured Bays, but I didn't sell the Argent one. Partially that was because too much of the metallic coating has rubbed off to make it saleable at a reasonable price, but also because I consider that one to be another neutral colour really.

I used the Argent alot as it suits my almost entirely black wardrobe and the plethora of silver chunky jewellery that I wear habitually. I don't think I would have sold that one even if it had been saleable actually. The 'Or' is pretty similar in it's neutrality, except it is 'bling-er', so more dressy than the others perhaps ( and I also know now that you have to be careful not to man handle Chloe metallics). Anyway, we'll see.

I was actually planning to sell my Prune Heloise because I only bought it from Sacoche to use up the store credit - I really didn't expect to love it :love:( or indeed use it) as much as I do because of my past history with coloured bags BUT for some reason I just ' clicked' with the Prune and it's already become a firm favourite. Most of the Bay coloured bags spent their lives in my wardrobe, occasionally making an appearance to be admired or have a very occasional outing, and then back they went into the wardrobe again. Go figure....:shrugs:

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Aug 20, 2007
WOW Tagullah ~ Congrats on the WEST END!!!! That should be an amazing experience!!! I adore the Theatre ~ any tickets left?

Hey ~ You don't happen to need a 9 year old singer do you? (Shamelless bragging to follow)....... My daughter has the 'stage bug' and is being asked to perform solo's everywhere ~ she has got an extremelly powerful voice and is knocking the socks of everyone in our little part of the world, (Wales)....totally off topic sorry :blush:



Sep 11, 2007
Congrats, Tag...
You deserve the best bag and your DH is bound to oblige (he's such a nice fellow that he may have already given you green light to get whatever makes you happy)
Having said that, wouldnt a clutch be more glamorous for such an especial night?
Keep us posted on your decision!:heart:


Dec 27, 2007
Congrats to you and your husband. If I come over to London this spring I'll check the show out.
You deserve a new bag for the show. I dont think I have seen the Heloise in Or but it sounds lovely.


Mar 23, 2006
England, UK
Many congrats Tag! I'm really pleased for you and DH :heart:

I tried the small Heloise (as posted by Jackie1) but in the silver/gold colour you are talking about in your first post.....it is gorgeous! :drool: The smaller size would be great for an opening night! It is still a good size bag - about the same as a regular Paddy - but versatile for day and evening. They had one in Selfridges London last time I was there:graucho:
Jun 5, 2007
Definately deserve it for your unpaid work. Congratulations on your west end appointment, and the very best of luck with it :tup::smile::flowers::flowers: Might even come see it.