Which bag to travel with...help me out girls!

  1. I'm going to Chicago tomorrow for a week to shop, shop and OH shop some more for the summer months. I only want to take one bag. Should I take my Fendi silver/gold spy...OR the LV pref (fuschia) I will be in jeans and heels mostly and lots of tunics. We are also going to see Depeche mode one night (yes Im old) and out a few nights for dinner etc...its a casual trip. I think the Lv is easier to get in and out of but Im so IN LOVE with the spy...what do you all think. Thank you my fashion divas! :biggrin:
  2. If it were me, I'd take the spy!!! Your spy is gorgeous!!!!
  3. Take the Spy! It'll be nice that you don't have to hand-carry your bag when you're on the go.
  4. Take your Beautiful Spy along with you for the trip. It's roomy, and can hold oh-so-many necessities for a trip away from home.
  5. Oh, by all means take out that gorgeous Spy!
  6. I have put all my things BACK into the fendi now!! Im still fighting over it..as I got the pegase 60 today and will be in the airport for awhile...and I love the way the LV looks with the LV carry on!! (BIG problems I have..jeez...lol)
  7. The Spy gets my vote!
  8. That's easy! The SPY of course! ;)
  9. I say LV. Have fun in Chicago:smile:
  10. I say the LV for the set traveling look
  11. You're in love with the spy. Bring it along with you! :biggrin:

    I just got back from Chicago. So many great bags that are sold out elsewhere. :biggrin: