Which bag to take to Salt Lake City?

  1. I have a business trip to SLC coming up in a few weeks, and I'm trying to figure out which bag to take with me. I've never been there before -- does anyone know what the culture is like? I suspect it's conservative, but honestly have no idea.

    Here's my collection -- help me pick a bag? I'm thinking probably one of the bags in post #4, but would love some ideas from y'all. :yes:
  2. Hi Pixiechic. As for the culture, VERY Mormon...I'm not, but I'd guess that 75% of he Utah population is. Go for conservative also waterproof, as we have been HAMMERED with snow these days. Or should I say snow proof. I'd say you can't go wrong with a Coach or Cole Haan. Do you plan to ski while in SLC? Just be prepared for things to be closed on Sunday, unless it's a chain, such as Home Depot or the like. Try to sight see if you can, it really is a beautiful city. Reminds me of a cleaned up San Francisco.
  3. Thanks h82bl82! I've checked the SLC weather recently and noticed it's been plenty cold. Unfortunately it's a business trip, so I won't have a chance to go skiing, but I do hope to see some of the city.
  4. I vote for your Mulberry Bayswater. How can you go wrong with that? :greengrin:
  5. I vote for either you Red Chloe Edith or your Mulberry Bayswater...leaning towards the Bayswater :smile:
  6. Good thinking -- I've traveled with the Bayswater before and it's been great for that. Hmmm...
  7. Hi! I live in Salt Lake City (or rather, just outside it)! I vote for something that can withstand snow or repel water just in case it snows - its been snowing a lot lately. Lookswise - I love the Mulberry or Hermes, so if either of those are great performers, then I vote for them.

    As for the mormon population - SLC is less than 50% mormon, go outside into the suburbs, though, and its closer to 75%. Most stuff is open on sundays in the city.