Which bag to start with?

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  1. Morning!

    New to Mulberry and am looking for an everyday bag which I will also take with me when I travel for work.

    In it will be, LV mini Pochette, coin purse, phone, passport and when I'm travelling my clear bag with lip balm etc.,

    I'd like the option of shoulder and crossbody, I'm 5ft 8 and so am thinking of one of these;

    Effie satchel
    Eliza large tote

    Could anyone give me an idea of which might suit me better?

    Thanks so much.
  2. I'd go for alexa.....lots more choice of colours and leather in that style than the others
  3. Definitely alexa :smile:
  4. Definitely an Alexa . What colour are you thinking?

    Also just to warn you.... Once you get one your find it hard to stop :biggrin:
  5. Here are my choices..

    Flame snake

    Or black OS

    I'm in love with all but which is the most versatile?
  6. Flame snake....personally I'd avoid as more delicate and I'm not keen on the larrger size so I'd discount the black.

    Grape or red for me as I don't do pink. I love red but for me it is a bit too much in this style and the grape is a classic purple which as aubergine is currently in season might be the most versatile?

  7. Thanks for the input, is the grape a fairly deep purple do you know?
  8. I would say Red or Raspberry ( I have a red Alexa and a raspberry lily)

    Raspberry is a really nice pink. I think it goes with a lot. It's a really nice colour for spring/ summer , but it can brighten up a winter outfit.

    Red Alexa it's just a gorgeous colour. It's really bright. I love mine but depends what you wear normally.
  9. Not as dark as eggplant or aubergine..there is a comparison pic with ink here...ink on top and grape below...

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  10. I'm really leaning towards the Eliza large tote in nude, this is probably a bad idea!
  11. Colour transfer is always an issue with lighter colour bags so if you want it for an every day bag I'd avoid

  12. Thank you! I'm not used to bright coloured bags I think I might need to break myself in gently!
  13. Lol...my collection used to be all oak black and choc so I know what you mean!!!
  14. The red and raspberry are bright bags

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  15. My first bag was as a deer brown. But I quick moved onto different colours. :biggrin: