which bag to replace my Manhattan PM?

  1. i need help, i returned my manhattan pm because after a month from my purchase, i found black spots on the gold metal hardware, the SA said its a defective item. She gave me a credit note and i have the choice if i will get a new manhattan pm or another bag. I think the gold brass metal on it will give me a hard time in the future having tarnish and all.what do you guys think?I'm thinking of the neo speedy denim, baggy pm in green, mono batignolles H and speedy damier azur.help.help. help! can't decide..-Thanks
  2. damier azur speedy! :love:
  3. mono batignolles H :smile:
  4. Bh!
  5. BH for sure!!!
  6. Batignolles for me :flowers:
  7. Baggy pm in green;)
  8. Bh!
  9. BH! :yahoo:
  10. Damier Speedy
    Azur Damier Speedy
    Mirror Mono Speedy
  11. Baggy GM!!! I love the look of it....neo speedy is pretty hot too though...
  12. Vernis Bedford in Framboise! Hey, not everyone is carrying that one around!!
  13. the Denim Neo-Speedy is a great bag, but it has the same buckles as the Manhattan PM, so you may have trouble with that in the future too

    the Batignolles Horizontal would be a good choice :yes:
  14. Definitely the BH, with the Speedy Azur as a close second.
  15. :yahoo: thanks everyone! even before i decided to get the manhattan i was attracted to the BH..it was love at first sight :love: thanks
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