Which bag to keep? LP Angie Speedy or HH Triple Satch??

Sell which bag?

  • Linea Pelle Angie Speedy black

  • Hayden Harnett Hudson Satchel Cocoa

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Sep 11, 2006
Ok so i have a nice collection:
Miu Miu shopper in dark grey (my 'yes i can afford to shop here' bag:smile:
Marc Jacobs silvana in white and Elise in topaz (my fancy 'i'm a lady' bags)
M by MJ hillier hobo in saddle (just a great bag-never going)
LP piper tote in black (my go to bag b/c its cross body)
Gryson Skye in black (my knock around)

and i would like to downsize to fund either an MJ single or RM mac. The question is which to keep and which to sell. My Linea Pelle angie in black. amazing smooshy leather that is pillow soft and yum, but the shape and front pockets aren't that exciting for me. or the Hayden Harnett triple satchel hudson in cocoa. Also really amazing leather, but the shape is a little hard for me to carry unless it is super full b/c it seems to flop a little. also i have a lot of bags and this doesn't seem to get carried much. on the other hand the LP piper and angie are so similar that mabey it's like a duplicate and should go.

anyways what would you do?????


More please!
Dec 1, 2006
It sounds like you are not in love with either, so I vote both for the chopping block. If you really want to keep one of them, I would keep the LP - I prefer the shape and it sounds more functional for you. Good luck!


Jun 6, 2007
I agree that it sounds like you could get rid of both. If they're not suiting your needs, and you have your eye on another (or two), one may sell and the other might not. But, if you want to keep one, I'd keep the LP.