Which bag to get?

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  1. Hey guys,

    I really, really need help! Ok, I already have a Gucci messenger bag - the traditional beige one with green and red straps but I want an LV one, I recently saw this picture of the Inter Milan football player, Ricardo Quaresma wearing this bag ... Should I get the bag he is wearing or should I get the Olav PM? :confused1: ... I'm only looking to put small things in there, like phone, wallet, key and change holder? I'm male and 18 years old, turning 19 on the 26th so this is my present ... to myself ;) haha!

    Thanks in advance everyone :tup:

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  2. i think that's a great choice!!!!! :yes:
  3. It looks really nice, you should go for it
  4. I like the Olav
  5. He is wearing a Pochette Bosphore in Damier, go fot it. That bag is on my wishlist.
  6. Great choice!
  7. That's the pochette bosphore and I think's it's great!! Go for it! If not, you may also want to look at Brooklyn PM. Good luck!
  8. If you have some damier, try some damier graphite or azur. spring is coming!
  9. I like the Olav PM better...

    That's a great choice too!
  10. I like the more structured Olav, too. I love Damier on a guy!
  11. Great choice
  12. Thanks for all your help guys ... Peach, thanks for that comment, swinged things in favour of the Damier Bosphore lol ... So I went to the LV store today in town and ended up getting the Damier Bosphore :smile: :tup: ... I tried on the Olav too, but it was a bit too square for me
  13. Perfect way to decide - by trying things on.

    Would love to see picts of your new Bosphore!
  14. Post modelling pics!
  15. I love this Pochette Bosphore. :tup: Really versatile, and I'm not a fan of Olav though :lol: