Which bag to get? Palermo PM, NF MM or Delightful?

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  1. I am in desperate need of advice!

    I can´t decide which bag to get next. Choices are Mono NF MM, Palermo PM, Delightful PM. I need a shoulder bag but my arms are quite thin so maybe Palermo would go on my shoulder. I want a mono bag. I love Palermo but I am afraid that it´s not really a shoulder bag. NF is quite chic but I don´t really love the open tote style because I´m scared that my things would fall out. Same goes for Delightful. But they are all so beautiful and I don´t know what to do :confused1:

    I´m going to LV store this friday so decision has to come quick! HELP!!
  2. I would get the Palermo. Of the three, it has the most character and is least common, in my opinion. Also, you won't have to worry about things falling out, since it zips shut.
  3. I also vote Palermo PM. The PM is very cute. I almost got it last week, but it looked so much like the NF. I really do not care for the Delightful, but I am not into hobo styles.
  4. Thank you for your input :smile:

    About the Delightful, I am not sure if I like the hoboish look.

    Out on these three I prefer most Palermo but I don´t know about the shoulder issue. I wouldn´t use the long strap but the short ones. Does anyone know what is the drop of Palermos short straps?
  5. The long strap on the Palermo isn't really that long... It sounds like you really like the Palermo so that should be your first choice... as in if the straps fit your shoulder, then you should just go for it.
    If you're checking out the NF and the Delightful, make sure you check out the Artsy as well. It doesn't really hang open even though it doesn't have a zipper. Check out the Galliera while you're there too.
  6. Out of these 3 I like the Palermo pm. Everyone has the regular NF and you said you dont want an open top so the delightful is out too.
  7. I must say I LOVE my palermo!!! Good Luck!
  8. I think the Palermo is cute, but I don't think you can fit the PM on your shoulder with the handheld straps (which is what I think you are planning on doing since you don't want to use the long strap).

    What about the Totally? It definitely fits over the shoulder and has a zipper.
  9. Palermo PM! I'm so wanting this bag right now too!
  10. Palermo
  11. Palermo!:smile:
  12. Palermo PM
  13. Palermo Pm... I want this bag as well. My second choice would be the NF mm.
    Have fun shopping Friday!!!
  14. Palermo.
  15. This is a tough one...but I would probably go with the Palermo PM.