which bag to get? opinons needed!

  1. i can't for the life me decide if I should get a miu miu bowl satcel, or a balenciaga city (probably in violet silver giant hardware) which one should i go with? both are probably trendy..right? which one would you pick if you had to? Thanks!
  2. i'd go for the balenciaga first because i love them and second because a violet city would be way more exciting and fun than a miu miu bowl satchel (boring :tdown:)
  3. Bal city, indeed!
  4. I was actually just deciding between those same bags last month. A Bal City in steel or the Miu Miu Bow in the grey color. I ended up choosing the City.
  5. I'm also in between Miu Miu Coffer and Bbag too. Anyway, I choose to buy bbag as I think it will stay in longer than Miu Miu Coffer.
  6. B-Bag for sure!! I have a Black City and LOVE it...
  7. Balenciaga hands down.
  8. Bal bal bal bal bal!!!!!! :p
  9. I love the Giant hardware on the City bags.... go with Balenciaga!
  10. I guess I'm in the minority here..my vote goes to bow satchel. But I might be biased since I'm in love w/ all things Prada. :love:
  11. Balenciaga, definitely! Especially in the violet!!
  12. bal city
  13. I love Prada and miu miu, but in this case since you are thinking of a violet Bal I would go for the City!
  14. Balenciaga! I have the city in violet and I love love love it!
  15. Miu Miu!! I have the bow satchel in grey smoke and i LOVE IT!!