Which bag to get next?


Which bag to be my next purchase?

  1. Gucci White with Black Handles

  2. Black Gucci Tote

  3. Louis Vuitton Speedy Azur 30

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  1. I didn't post this in either the LV or Gucci thread because I want unbiased opinions. I'm unsure of which to get next. Any opinions are welcome, so vote away!

    bag.jpg bag2.jpg Speedy30.jpg
  2. Azur Speedy!
  3. LV Azur speedy! I love damier azur and it is perfect for spring!
  4. Azur Speedy, for sure!
  5. I have the Azur Speedy and love it! It's perfect for Spring and Summer!
  6. Azur! Great spring bag...although it looks good with winter whites and camels as well.
  7. I really like the white Gucci with the black handles, I like the contrast in colors.
  8. Another vote for LV!
  9. LV- I think you will get much more use out of it!! My second choice is the black gucci!
  10. LV, for sure!
  11. the white gucci is really pretty.
  12. speedy hands down!

    then maybe the black gucci.. it would make a fine work/schoolbag, or even an everyday bag :yes:. don't like the white one tho... plain looking + it'd be difficult to upkeep.
  13. Speedy! You MUST have a speedy!
  14. Love the white Gucci but I'd go with the Speedy :heart:
  15. I like the white Gucci with black, but the black Gucci tote is probably more practical and durable, depending on what you're using it it for. I'm just not an LV fan, with the exception of the Vernis line.