Which bag to get in Paris???

  1. Hey all!:yahoo:

    I really need some TPFer's expert advice here, I trust you guys so much! I'm going to PAris and will HAVE :nuts:to get an LV when I am there and it might be my last bag for a while cause i need to start saving for a house really.

    So...I want something practical, roomy and shoulder-held preferably:sweatdrop:. Which of the choices above do you think would work best for me?[​IMG]

    Should I go for the Tivoli PM because so many ppl are raving about it and I think it's sweet.
    OR the Pomme Roxbury Drive because I think it's uber Glam! and so sexy, but hard to match with clothes.
    Or the Mono Petit Noe because it could be such a practical choice and I can use it casually.
    OR just get a Speedy 30 and keep an eye out for the Valentine's day's accessories cause I'll be there in January?
  2. Trevi or Neo Cabby MM :smile: Or BH!
  3. If you can swing it, get a Suhali! The savings would be substantial, right?
    I think the Tivoli is really pretty too!
  4. well, since it will be your last one for a while, make sure you get something you really love!!! do you have a local LV to go and try on all of the bags before you go? you could also try them on there. I know I'm getting a damier speedy when I go in May.
  5. If it were me, I would get either the Noe or the Speedy -- w/ perhaps a Valentine's or other accessory (or two!)
  6. Tivoli! I think it's very special...;)
  7. what about a BH or BV? if you are sticking to the ones you listed above, for practicality i would go w/ the noe. i love my speedy, but it's not a shoulder bag (unless you get a strap) and you want advice on a shoulder bag so those are my suggestions. have fun in paris!!!!! :smile:
  8. personally I say forget pre planning you will see so many there and you never know what may grab your attention

    but if you do go knowing what you want print out the pics & Name unless you speak french there is a definate language barrier
  9. I would look for the Tivoli, but in GM if you want a shoulder bag (or PM for hand held). Both are beautiful!
  10. Tivoli!
  11. ha..i say speedy forshure.
  12. Petit Noe! Greatest bag ever! And so comfy!
  13. tivoli! i saw it for the first time this weekend and i think both sizes are gorgeous!
  14. Speedy 30!!!
  15. tivoli!