which bag to choose ?

  1. I would spend the extra $100 and get the bag that you really love, the Rebecca Minkoff. Weighing your options is quite sensible, but in the long run it's worth it to have the bag that you've fallen in love with. In terms of looks, I actually prefer the Minkoff - it looks a bit more streamlined, if that makes sense. However, both of the bags are nice and fit the bill, so you can't go wrong with either. I've never bought either brands as I live in Australia, but people seem to think that Dooney & Bourke are of good quality.
  2. I am not a big fan of either designer....but the Dooney does comes in a smaller size.
    I like the Dooney's pink better after seeing both in person. I saw another Dooney style, more structure in a beautiful pink.
    But check sales on Saks, B&G, Tory Burch & Neiman Marcus websites. I have seen beautiful pinks.
    Good luck

  3. i finally did it i went with my gut as soon as i saw the RM i fell in love so thats the one i got and i got it on sale at bloomingdales for $311.85 before tax it should be here next week !!!
  4. Congratulations! That's a great price too :smile:
  5. Great choice. I've seen the Cupid bag in person in other colors and it's very nice, lots of compartments. It's also comfortable and pretty light. Lastly, Rebecca Minkoff usually has AMAZING leather. I'm not knocking Dooney, they have nice leather too, but RM is just... mmm...
  6. i returned that one and got a second one for even less :yahoo: final price with tax and free shipping $252.60
    LOVE IT !!!
  7. :biggrin: That's what we're here for!
    They had them in Royal Blue, too, but looks like they sold out of that color. I :heart: mine. (Not that I needed another blue, much less another handbag...)