Which bag to choose: LV Montorgueil PM vs Gucci Sunset medium Tote

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  1. Hi everyone,
    I am new to TPF. I am ready to purchase a new bag within this month, but I need your opinions. I also post this question in Gucci Forum and would love to hear thoughts from LV lovers too.

    I have two bags in my mind: the first one is Gucci Sunset medium tote from Spring 2010 collection which is priced at $1100.

    This is the bag, but in a bigger size: http://www.gucci.com/us/us-english/us/spring-summer-10/handbags/#0-1141620-232943FSD1N8469

    Oh! I do have another question for owners of this tote: Do the straws easily get loosed?

    Another one is LV Montorgueil PM which costs $800.

    I love the multi-color straws on that Gucci tote which is so unique, yet, I love the shape of LV Montorgueil PM which is so classic.

    So, which one will you choose and why?

    Your opinions are greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  2. I do like the background multi-color straw of Gucci Sunset and agree it's unique. Nice for summer with sundresses. Between the 2, I'd still choose LV Montorgueil. Monty can be used practically anywhere.


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  3. Monty!
  4. I know this is the LV forum but my vote goes to gucci, this sunset is really downtoned but still not boring.
    don't like the monty at all.
  5. I agree. Go with the Gucci. I am not a fan of the Monty.
  6. Monty I believe has a more lasting look - I just think the Gucci will get dated fast !
  7. Not a monty fan I say Gucci
  8. monty!!!!!!!!!!;)
  9. The Gucci sort of reminds me of a beach bag.

    I'd go with LV.
  10. LV!!!!l
  11. I am not a huge fan of the monty, but I would definately not get that Gucci.
  12. I am curious! Can you tell me why don't you love Monty? Is it because the shape is so common?
  13. Monty!!:biggrin:
  14. I prefer LV over Gucci but..... I don't like the look of the Monty. Have you considered any other LV bag?
  15. Yes, i did think of other bags. I really like Galleria PM and tried it in store yesterday, but it looked huge on me.
    I also like Sistina PM, but it's way over my budget at this moment.

    I am looking for a shoulder bag, but I am not a fan of Neverfull. Do you have any suggestion? Thanks!