which bag to choose? help me!

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  1. Palermo Pm!! It's practical, can be hand held or a shoulder bag.. Far more versatile for different occasions & it's GORGEOUS!!
  2. .. can the palermo pm be used over the shoulder with those 2 handles? and anybody know how much is the palermo pm and totally pm in spore currently?
  3. I have and love the Totally PM - it is simple, stylish and practical at the same time. Good luck with you decision!
  4. Palermo! It has a classier look, in my opinion. Good luck!
  5. Totally
  6. Palermo
  7. Palermo!
  8. Palermo!!
  9. Love my Palermo!!!!! One of my favorite bags.

  10. can u use it over the shoulder wit those two handles?
  11. Palermo PM because of the shoulder strap!
  12. palermo! not a fan of totally at all
  13. Palermo.
  14. I am thinking to get Palermo so my votes goes to Palermo PM. I think you should also try the Totally and check how it feels.
  15. Palermo