which bag to choose? help me!

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  1. guys help me decide.. im still torn between getting a palermo pm or a totally pm.. convince me which to get.
    im 5 ft tall and need one which is versatile that can be worn to work, functions, travelling and as an everyday bag.. appreciate ur help guys.
  2. I really like both of these but I think the Palermo would be better for all of your needs because it can be dressed up a little more but still is very functional.
  3. ^I agree the Palermo is functional but still very pretty at the same time and can be dressy or casual depending on your outfit.
  4. I prefer the totally pm, more functional and has roomy pockets on the side. Great for work and traveling IMO.
  5. i vote palermo!
  6. definitely the palermo !
  7. the palermo gets my vote!!!! love this bag.
  8. I don't really like bags with handles and long strap, so my vote for Totally.
  9. I think both bags are very pretty. The Palermo is a little more stylish, so easier to wear in different situations. The Totally (imo) is definitely more casual.
  10. Palermo. Totally is very cute, but the Palermo is great for a work look as well-- the Totally seems more casual to me.
  11. I think the Palermo is prettier - I love the details. Good luck deciding.
  12. Palermo PM
  13. Palermo!
  14. Palermo.
  15. i will choose Palermo PM