Which Bag To Buy!!?????

  1. Hi! As you all know..I bought the Baggy Gm in green and I soooo love it!I never got soo many compliments on a bag !!!I am going to buy either the TULUM GM or this Baggy Gm again...in PINK...which do you think is better???Then there is Borsabellas FENDI BBAG in the marketplace that is rocking my world!LOL!
    Which do you think is the perfect bag????!!!!
  2. Ohhhh, tough one. It's a toss up for me betw the fuschia denim GM and the Tulum GM. From what I've heard from you before, you are head over heels for the Baggy GM, if you truly :love: it, get the fuschia. BUT....if you wanted a variety in your collection, I would say go for the Tulum GM. It looks comfortable since it can be worn across the body! Keep us posted!! :P
  3. Well Jill its b-cuz of your pics on the forum that I decided that I too had to have myself a baggy. :biggrin: And after I saw Sunshine's pics of her new fuchia neo speedy I was in love.

    I decided that I wanted a fuchia baggy.

    I went to the boutique to try it on for size. i ended up not being in love with the baggy in fushia for some reason. The fuchia neo was gorgeous but (IMO) not so gorgeous on the baggy.

    With that being said if you have a boutique near you go and try on the fuchia baggy just to be sure. I think the baggy looks the best in blue or green. But that's my opinion.

    In the meantime enjoy your green baggy. Its beautiful.

    (Isn't it GREAT to be flooded with compliments while wearing a great bag? :P )

    BTW, what are you wearing your baggy with? More caual white tees and jeans or just anything? Just curious.

    This denim thing had my head spinning.
    On my list to purchase is:
    -A neo speedy
    -A blue baggy
    -A fuchia neo speedy

    Thanks to the gool 'ol Purse Forum. I swear i wouldnt have otherwise wanted these bags.