Which bag to buy next?

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Which should be my next purchase?

  1. Monogram Speedy B 40

  2. Monogram Speedy B 35

  3. Damier Ebene B 35

  4. Damier Ebene Alma

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. #1 Sep 20, 2012
    Last edited: Sep 20, 2012
    Hey everyone!

    Well, I was suppose to be treating myself to a bag next week but I spent well over half of my savings on my newest additions to my collections, My soon to arrive vintage Chantilly, My Pomme D'amour Keyholder and Medium Ring monogram Agenda as well as a toiletry 19 that arrives next week :smile:

    SO! I will continue saving but I am between these 4 bags to treat myself to in December. I'd like everyone's opinions because they are all fairly the same price ranges and I'd like to know which because me and my boyfriend are between the 4!!!

    Monogram Speedy B 40
    Monogram Speedy B 35
    Damier Ebene Speedy B 35
    Damier Ebene Alma

    Take my poll and give me some reasons!!!!!!

    Thanks to everyone on Purse Forum as everyone has been SO helpful on all my purchases I've made in the last month!!!!
  2. de speedy b 35!

    its on my wishlist too! all weather workhorse, multi function, big... cons - bottom less pit, small opening, hardware doesnt match, 35 might get real heavy as a crossbody bag

    have fun choosing!
    let us know what you decide
  3. DE speedy b gets my vote
  4. I second this :biggrin:
  5. I'm all about the speedy b, 35 not 40 I think it's just too big. And, depending what you already own I'd get the DE, jus cuz I really want one too!! Lol
  6. Queen of speedys has spoken! Thats all folks :speedy:
  7. With all that mono I say speedy B in DE! I love the speedy and the Speedy B Is next on my wishlist! With the 35 size you can prob pack out all your goodies (toiletry and agenda in there)
  8. Ahahahaha you're too funny!! :smile: lol
  9. Another vote for DE speedy B:smile:
  10. I chose the Monogram Speedy B 35 because even though I love the Damier Ebene print and am hoping to buy a Neverfull in the same print, I really love Speedys in the classic Monogram. (Although Damier Ebene was actually the original print for Louis Vuitton designs!)

    Either way, I prefer the Speedy B to the Alma from your options. As far as the 35 or 40, that's just a matter of trying it on and seeing how the bigger 40 looks on you. I think the 35 is a nice medium of being not too big and not too small (40 vs. 25/30).
  11. I voted for the mono speedy B 35. Its a good sized bag, and convenient.

    I prefer Alma's in either vernis or epi, not DE... but had a vernis alma been in the mix, then my vote would have been for the alma. :biggrin:
  12. Mono speedy 35
  13. ITA - wait for an alma in vernis or epi.
  14. Speedy b 35 in either mono or de. I voted for mono only because I own it and it's my favorite bag.
  15. Does it Patina evenly though :/ That's my worry