Which bag to buy for this...

Sep 26, 2006
I need an everyday bag for winter in Europe.

I narrowed it down to either the Tate, the Tivoli Gm or the Damier Speedy 35 (if it does not look too big, I am 162cm or 5.3).

The thing is, I can not decide: a damier bag would be great as I want a worry free one for winter and the Tate, even the big one seems too small, the Tivoli, apart from being not damier is rather expensive. But it is a shoulder bag, which is easier to carry but can look a bit too much worn with heavy clothing on me.

I would need it for daily use, for travelling as a carry on bag and for shopping trips. Normally I carry my purse, mobile, pochette, glasses, diary (mm), pen, key ring, handcream and at least one book either paper back or a big hardback (working in that industry) and I want enough room left for a scarf and water bottle...any suggestions?

It takes me forever to decide but lately I am leaning more towards a speedy 35 in damier (30 is too small for big books, 35 should be launched soon) as it would be elegant and worry free and leaves me with more cash for other things that need to be replaced this season...

Any suggestions? Other options I haven`t thought of? I already own a Neverfull mm, Alma, speedy 25, looping mm, ready mm, baggy pm, a backback and several smaller bags.

Help would really be great!:flowers:
May 27, 2008
For a winter in Europe I'd definately say go with a Damier bag that way you don't have to worry about it at all. If you don't like the Damier speedy, you could consider the Saleya, Beaubourg or Hampstead.
Sep 26, 2006
Thanks for the suggestions! I love the design of the Hampstead but after the Neverfull I am a bit fed up with open bags...
Mar 9, 2008
I vote for the Tate. But I heard that it coming out in Feb - not in Oct!!!
I guess the winter is almost over than... :tdown:
Especially in winter I would like a shoulder bag. (my hands are getting very cold and I don't like to carry around a handheld bag)
I vote for the Tivoli GM.

But for winter I like Damier Ebene better. What about the Damier NF? I heard it's coming out in Nov!