Which bag to buy for my 1st LV??

  1. Hi,

    After seeing so many pics posted in the forum, I just can't wait to get my 1st LV!! But I just do not know which to get for myself. Some of my friends said I shd go for leather LV bag to make it worth 4 $$. :confused1:

    But I am in the view of buying something I like/suits me (young looking), suitable for all types of occassions, n easy to take care.

    Can u share with me what is your 1st LV bag? N y?

  2. If you would like to see what everyone else's first LV was, perhaps try using the search feature above since that question has been asked a few times in the past. ;)

    As to which bag you should get for your first LV, I suggest:
    Speedy 25
    Papillon 26
    Tikal PM
    Saleya PM
    Epi Montaigne PM
  3. My first was the batignolles vertical but for your first, pick a line that you like and get the speedy from that line.
  4. Here is my suggestion. Go to a boutique and try some bags on. Pick a few of your favorites and then post a poll. Not sure what your friends are saying about the leather (unless they are speaking of Epi or Nomade or others). I am NOT the most knowledgeable here but I can say that when I got my first LV it was a mixture of suggestions and me trying bags that *I* thought fit my personal style. Luckily the bags I ended up with were bags that looked great on me *and* were nice styles also. Good luck! I am sure someone else can offer far better advice than me.. I am a newbie also. :smile:
  5. ^^ I totally agree! You need to go to a boutique, tell an SA that you are looking for your first LV, try on a bunch of bags and then narrow it down. If you still need help, then set up a poll and we can help you decide. Good luck!
  6. Great idea, I agree.
  7. Sonatine! I love how it can pairs up perfectly w/jeans or dress up! Definitely give it a try if you have a chance :heart:
  8. I think a speedy would be good! Either 25 or 30, in the damier azur or monogram?
  9. Great ideas! ITA that trying on bags in a boutique is the best way. You can decide what works best with your wardrobe budget and lifestyle (e.g. do you want handheld or shoulder, open top OK or zip/flap closure required, etc etc)

    Me? Well I went out on a limb and ordered both a Speedy 25 (mono) and Saleya PM (damier) from eluxury.com. Total whim but so worth it as most would consider these very classic LV styles.

    Good luck with your decision!
  10. Angeline~the good thing about LV is u can never make a wrong choice :graucho:!
  11. you say that you want a leather bag, the LV leather bags are V pricey, there is nothing wrong with the canvas and you have a much wider choice!

    Yep I agree with everyone, you need to go to the boutique and try them on. I would go with the damier speedy 25, I love it to bits and such a great size!
  12. Thank you all. I like Christine's suggestion. Will go to the LV boutique to try out and need u guys to help me to give me opinion later.

  13. my first LV was the MC speedy in white. for your first I would go with a speedy or BH.
  14. My first LV bag was the Trotteur. I think it's very young looking, very casual while at the same time doesn't scream for LV and is affordable.

    I'd suggest for you to look at all the bags on LV's site. Do NOT ask for others' opinions as to what you should buy, because your first LV should be special to YOU alone. Thus I will not suggest any specific LV bags, because 'others' should not influence your decision:yes:
  15. I say a speedy of some sort.