Which bag to buy-Chanel or LV?

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  1. Hi ladies, I'm trying to decide between the Chanel large pink o case to be used as a clutch (shown in this borrowed picture at the back of the SLGs) and the LV Pasadena in Hot Pink. Which do you think is more classic and timeless? I'm over 35 by the way :smile:[​IMG]

  2. I like the Pasadena

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  3. i'm biased bc i love Chanel so my vote goes for the o case!! :love: i saw that pic on instagram and LOVE it!!! look at all the chanel pink goodies!!!
  4. Chanel
  5. I prefer the LV. I have a different o-case and I've tried to use it was a clutch. It seems awkward to me. It's clearly a pouch. That said I also have a pick cosmetic case that that I occasionally use as a clutch.
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  6. I have the Chanel o case in one size smaller and use it daily as a clutch as it can fit inside other bags. I also have the large one like the pink one pictured here but don't use it often, I find it big for me..
  7. Pasadena is a bag! O-case....is a pouch!
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  8. Idk...doesn't anyone think that the LV twist lock looks awkward? With you want a pink bag that can be used as a clutch there are some pink WOCs out atm..
  9. My vote goes to the Pasadena x
  10. I'm a Chanel fan, so my vote goes to Chanel.
  11. Chanel is more timeless & classic
  12. I'm sorry, but I think these 2 are totally different things. Like comparing an apple to an orange. The O-Case doesn't have a handle - the LV Pasadena does. I could go on, but I think you get the idea.
    I would try to see each one IRL with the things that you need to carry in them, and go from there.
    Pink is my favorite color and both of these pinks are beautiful IMHO.
    Good luck with your search! :smile:
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  13. I would go with the O-Case if you don't mind not having a handle attached to the bag. The Pasadena looks so tiny, like it could barely fit much inside and that's the deal breaker for me. To be honest, I would even consider other clutch options besides these two-- there are tons of them out there! Personally, I use my Pochette NM in the Rose Indien color (the same color as the Pasadena pictured) and I love it!! It's about $1,000 cheaper and still very functional as a clutch IMO :smile:
  14. I'm personally not a big fan of using the 0-case as a clutch ...
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  15. +1