Which bag to bring to hawaii?


which one?

  1. denim mini pleaty

  2. mc mini hl

  3. vernis fleurs lexington pochette

  4. miroir pochette

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  1. I only want to bring one bag to oahu, and i dont know which one. each bag has their own little pros annd cons

    Denim mini pleaty: its the biggest one i have, and it holds a good amount, but it isnt really that flashy

    Mc mini hl: Doesnt hold as much, but has volume, and looks great, lots of colors!

    Fleurs lexington pochette: It isnt much of a daily bag, but its so cute, and it needs some fresh air!

    Miroir pochette: holds the least (cell, ipod, lipgloss), but it is the prettiest one! people will go ga ga over it!

    which one?
  2. I would bring what will be most useful to you instead of worrying about what others will think of the bag.
  3. denim mini pleaty--so cute and suits you![​IMG]
  4. 3 in a row for the denim!
  5. another vote for denim mini pleaty ;)
  6. Mini Pleaty :yes:
  7. Mini pleaty.
  8. the Mini Pleaty is definitely the most practical and versatile :yes:
  9. mini pleaty or hl sac!! have a good time in Hawaii
  10. Denim Mini PLeaty! It's so sumery!
  11. I'm with the others. Denim Pleaty. You get more use out of it.
  12. I agree. Take the bag that you think will be most useful.
  13. Mini Pleaty
  14. Denim :yes:
  15. yup, denim all the way...