which bag to bring to Asia? (sorry, long post)

  1. To the experts of bags (that means everyone here!!), I need your help!

    I am going to Asia in mid-March for about a month, but I don't know which bag to bring with me.

    I currently use the Mono Speedy 30 almost everyday, but I don't plan to use it during this trip because I want to send it to a LV boutique to get the vachetta replaced. Another reason is that it's always more convenient to use a shoulder bag in Asia.

    I also have a Tivoli GM which I haven't inaugurated yet. Since I know I am never careful with my bags, I know, inevitably, it will get damaged somehow. :throwup:

    I first considered buying Coach Carly (link for reference: http://www.coach.com/content/product.aspx?product_no=9088&category_id=889), but it's kinda too small for travelling (the shoulder straps of the large size version of this bag is too long, therefore, doesn't look as nice as the regular sized one)

    Then I saw the new Coach Heritage (http://www.coach.com/content/product.aspx?product_no=10615&category_id=1383), however, I don't like the size of the logos of the fabric (notice how the Carlys have bigger logos on the fabrics?) :push:

    I like Neverfull MM, but it's out of my budget and doesn't have a top zip closure..

    Sorry, I know I am being very picky here :sweatdrop: :sweatdrop:, but I really need your advises/suggestions on a new shoulder bag of any shape, any brand, and within a price range of about USD$400 before tax.

    Thanks a lot!! :wlae:
  2. personally, I much prefer the heritage stripe!
  3. That Coach heritage is a really pretty bag.. I would get that!
  4. if Carly's large version can be worn as a cross-body, I don't think it's so bad.
  5. The heritage stripes are pretty but I think I prefer the look of the Carly.
  6. The heritage is quite nice.. carly is heavy to begin with but too small.
  7. i'd go with heritage.. it's more travel-like because it seems bigger and probably can hold more stuff, hence more practical. if i were you i wouldn't bring LV to asia (well depending on where you're going) because if it's really hot there the vachetta will just patina too quickly (unless you're a fan of course) and if you're going to places where there's a lot of pocket-picking etc. (i.e. some parts of china, because i'm chinese so i know..) try to avoid bringing anything that stands out [a lot].
  8. I would so splurge on a Lockit H!
  9. The Coach heritage tote looks nice, but make sure that you can wear it over your shoulder.
  10. thank you all for your comments, i will definitely go to Coach this weekend to compare the two!

    do you have any other bags to recommend?
  11. i would take the speedy 30; it's the perfect traveling companion. sorry, i'm probably no help as i read you wanted to send it to the hospital.
  12. I also like to recommend Longchamp Le Pliage. It is great for travelling. They have shoulder strap, zipper, nylon. But if you prefer the look of a Coach bag, they are great options too.
  13. i'm going to taiwan this friday. i'm taking my longchamp (its as big as the neverfull mm, but has a zipper), i'm still thinking if i should bring my neverfull mm or tod's miky, the trevi is not coming with me coz i just can't risk it. but the longchamp is really practical and lightweight too. here's a pic for reference:
  14. which asian country are you visitting?!!!

    i was in japan in june (my home town though)....i took my le fab and stratus pm (stuffed them both in my carry-on....that was a stupid idea!!! i won't do that again!!!)
    .....then year before that, i took mono montsouri backpack.......

    i would recommend lesportsac or something light and inexpensive, then you can actually SHOP using the fund when you get to the destination!!!!

    have a wonderful trip!
  15. i agree longchamp is a good idea - inexpensive, lightweight, and plenty of colors to choose from :biggrin:

    alternatively i'll also suggest coated gucci tote. i don't see these online but it's gg coated fabric (so waterproof - must be careful of the rainy asia weather!). i saw them in singapore gucci store for around sgd600-800+ depending on size and zip or open top. comes in basically 2 sizes (estimate 25cm horizontal in length or 30cm). usa price should be cheaper.