Which bag to bring on a trip?

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Which Chanel to bring for travel?

  1. Mini CF

    27 vote(s)
  2. Jumbo CF

    4 vote(s)
  1. I’m going to be away for a couple of weeks for the holidays and I’m debating which bag to bring... mini CF or jumbo CF? I like to have a little extra space for items like my phone charger when I’m travelling, but the mini is just so cute and portable, and it’s less in-your-face, you know? Which one would you bring and why?
  2. Mini!
  3. I would bring the mini just cuz it’s lighter and more carefree. However for me, if I’m travelling I often need my sunglasses and camera which take up more space. So if you don’t need to bring bigger items like these then I say the mini!
  4. For me I usually choose the mini! When I’m on the plane I bring a big bag to place my mini in, and all other essential items I need. But when I’m out and about doing touristy things during my holiday, I don’t often need to bring a lot. Maybe just a small wallet, lipstick, tissue, comb, eye drops. I wager it’d be tiring to carry around a big bag too, I don’t like feeling weight since I like to walk around for an entire day before I return to the hotel at night! I’m also not concerned with a portable charger bc the new iPhone batteries are really good and have not let me down so far :smile:
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  5. I voted for jumbo, because when on a trip, one always carries something unexpected, well at least I do. So usually I bring my maxi on trips.
  6. I'd definitely bring mini cf and for traveling on plane, I'll put important and valuable items in the mini cf and I'll also bring something like a smaller gym bag to put other stuffs like pillow, headphone etc.
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  7. Just a thought but would the mini fit inside the jumbo flap so you can take them both and use them for different occasions?
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  8. Thanks everyone! I forgot to mention that I have a seasonal flap with a top handle that is right between the mini and jumbo sizes, so I will probably take that, and if I can sneak my Mini on (by wearing it like a WOC) then I will! Happy holidays everyone!