Which bag? (so confused!)


which bag?

  1. damier azur speedy

  2. mono speedy

  3. neverfull mm

  4. pink cambon tote

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  1. All of these bags are about the same price, but i dont know which one to get!

    LV Damier azur speedy 30?

    LV mono speedy 30?

    LV neverfull mm?

    Pink medium chanel cambon tote?

    thanks for helping!!!
  2. ^oopsies. sorry for the disfigured pics! the mono speedy bag is actually one size up from what it should be..
  3. Neverful...............
  4. I voted for the chanel tote.
  5. mono speedy30 :smile:.
    i prefer azur in 25, not a fan of open top bag - neverfull and heard there might be some problem with the lining/ rubbing of vachetta causing some slight mark on the leather, chanel is sweet but i don't like the handle.
  6. I would go for the mono speedy 30 as it is a classic.
  7. Love them all... but I'm gonna choose the mono speedy. I'm dying for one myself :smile:
  8. All great choices, but I voted for mono speedy - it's the most classic.
  9. I love the Chanel
  10. That LV looks like my 35. I don't like that Chanel. I saw one on a young lady this weekend holiday and it was not a cute bag at all. :rolleyes: Those handles are not attractive either and the entire bag looks $50 at the most.

    That LV mono will get my vote most of the time. It's practical and my go to bag for most all my needs. You will love it! :tup:
  11. 1st choice mono speedy 30
    2nd choice azur speedy 30 (azur is just sooo cute)
  12. i voted chanel
  13. Chanel! it is wonderful
  14. Would have to be Chanel for me, don't like LV.
  15. thanks guys! im still deciding though!