Which bag should I take ?

  1. Going to L.A. tomorrow for 8 days - I know this is silly but I obsess over my bags whenever I travel - only taking one, not packing a second bag because the airlines lost my luggage 7 weeks ago and it has not been found so I am paranoid over checking my luggage to begin with. I have day and night stuff to do but am taking a black clutch for nightime - okay here is the choice: Damier Alma with extra strap or Saleya MM (which fits fine on my shoulder). Which would you take? Thx for your ideas.
  2. Saleya MM, hands down. I think the alma would be too small for travel, but that's just me. Enjoy your trip! :smile:
  3. ^^ agree!
  4. Saleya
  5. Saleya MM
  6. Saleya MM
  7. Saleya
  8. saleya

    there. u have enough votes, now START packing!! :lecture:
  9. Saleya MM..no doubt!
  10. You are absolutely right - I've been using my Saleya this week so I don't have to make a bag change - thanks everyone, you always solve my bag problems!!! :love:
  11. I would usually vote for the Alma... but I'm leaning towards the Saleya MM. ;)
  12. Saleya MM
  13. Saleya
  14. Saleya! Oooh LA I'm jealous, it's about 3 degrees where I am. :push:
  15. Agree. Use your Saleya MM. It's cold out here (L.A. area) in the mornings and evenings but daytime is ok. But, it's nice and sunny!!!! Have fun!!