Which bag should I take??


Show Me The Orange!
Jun 17, 2006
I am stressing myself out over which bag to take on my trip to Berlin. We'll be going by plane and there are small children involved (on the plane and also at our hosts).....
Ms Kelly and Ms Evelyne will be coming back from their spa treatments next week - I am hesitant to take beautifully polished Ms Kelly - although I would love to prance around Berlin with her.
Then there's the HerBag sisters... in natural toile... I am worried they might get dirty (can one wipe them off with a wet cloth?)... Then again they're sooo convenient....
I am considering Ms Evelyne - even though she is also coming back from the spa - but I think she might be more forgiving than Ms Kelly...

What do you think?:shrugs:


Mar 25, 2006
Hi Hi .... I would choose the Evelyne.

Reasons being:-
- There would be multiple passports, boarding passes, arrival cards ... much easier to drop them into Evelyne and dip into Evelyne at the various check points. Considering that you have small children in tow and need to hold their hands perhaps?

- Not the Kelly because chances are, you will need to use the shoulder strap full time, with kids in tow.

Actually when I travel with my tots, I never use a H bag. Just a good, multi pocketed backpack to stuff their essentials and also incidentals. No chance of trying to be a chic mum. Way too stressful to look cool. :yucky:


Show Me The Orange!
Jun 17, 2006
Aaahhh MrsS ---- but they are NOT MY KIDS!!! (Thank God... ;) no, they're all lovely.....). I don't have to take care of them too much! I am just worried about sticky fingers and such....
Sep 6, 2006
Hi C,
if you have the possibility to take 2 bags i would take Evelyne for travel and Kelly for Berlin...
if you want to take only one it would be the Herbag toile,which is much easier to clean than the canvas...looks sporty yet elegant!great for travel,city and worry-free!


Jun 17, 2006
None. Why? They just came back from their spa treatment. Let them extend their rest and shine first. Herbag is in toile...not a good material for travelling. I suggest a non-Hermes bag with a shoulder strap and roomy. One suggestion is Hogan Guitar Bag. It comes with two handles plus a strap a.k.a. messenger style. I'm carrying one for myself in black.;)


May 18, 2006
I was going through the same dilemma!! Going skiing in Crans-Switzerland and couldn't decide between the Kelly and Birkin. Finally decided to buy an Evelyne since it would just make my life so much easier!! Taking a Nancy Gonzalez croc clutch for evening and leaving enough room for a new Birkin or Kelly purchase in Europe!!! I was concerned that if I took one of them, and found one I liked there I would have trouble with customs since I would not be able to just carry home...the evelyne I can fit into my carryon...


Mar 6, 2006
I'd take the Evelyne for travel. :yes: When we went to SF last weekend and DH and I were walking all over I was wishing I had brought Miss Evelyne rather than the bag I did bring because she's so much more comfortable to carry.


The Garden of Secret
Mar 26, 2006
Hello, would you want me to go there and take the kelly for you on your trip? that would easily solve the problem.. hehehe.... but I agree with the ladies, evelyne seems to be a better option just for the whole travelling experience... you can just put the Kelly on your luggage or as your other carry-on..