Which bag should I take????

  1. So I'm beginning to think about packing for my little soire in las Vegas and I could use some help from all you fashion divas out there. Here's the scoop first:

    I'm really going to close on my mother's house which has been on the market for way too long now. So, after I do all those dutifull daughter things I get to spend two days having some R&R. Here's the plan ( and I'll be with DD and her best friend, Renee) I'll be there from Thursday but from Thursday until Saturday I'll be busy with House stuff....

    Saturday night: Mystere /Cirque du Soliel followed by dinner (don't know where yet)
    Sunday: Check into Bellagio. Full day of personal decadance (lounging by the pool, umbrella drinks, some kind of Spa thing or two, main focus SHOPPING!) then dinner at Picasso Restaurant.
    Monday: Check out BUT yet another day of decadance at Bellagio including whatever shopping I missed on Sunday. Fly home at 9PM

    So....given that these are the things planned here's what I think I'm packing:

    Bathingsuit (full piece thank you very much)
    White Marlene Dietrich linen pants
    Black skinny pants
    Slip dress
    White and black t's
    White Linen jacket
    Black cropped "military" jacket
    Wedge shoes
    Flip Flops
    NO SHORTS... I am not a shorts person. Never worn them in my life except when I was a teen and it was all the rage to cut your Levi's and shred them to bits.

    NOW...here's the most important question. Which BAG should I take:

    32cm Vintage Toile/Box Combo Kelly
    28cm Caramel Cor. kelly
    32cm Black Box HAC
    31cm Black Box Bolide

  2. I think you should take your HAC. :smile:
  3. Hmm, anything but the toile/box Kelly - it will soak up all the smoke in the casinos!! :throwup:
  4. So true. My head was nearly spinning from all the smoke.
  5. Oh Good point Fopduck! Never thought about all that smoke!!! OK...Vintage bag is staying home.
  6. Just be ready for all that smoke. It might soak into.
  7. The HAC is perfect for Vegas! You will look fabulous!
  8. Shopmom, can you bring two bags? It'd be nice to bring your HAC and Caramel Kelly. The HAC for day, Kelly for evenings/dinner :smile:

    If you can only bring one, take your HAC. You might score a fabulous Plume Elan while you're there, which you can wear for evenings! :nuts:
  9. maybe then you should take a different bag to casinos? im a total hermes newbie lol so i cant really help with the selection. have a great time!
  10. Ok...so even though it's hotter than the beejesus in Vegas right now and I'll have to do some running around outside in the High Desert you think the HAC would be ok?

    ....i'd love to take the HAC......:sad:
  11. My vote is for the HAC.

    Nice wide brim hat would be lovely.

    You are going to love Mystere...it is wonderful!

    Have some gelato at the Bellagio. Eat breakfast at their buffet.
  12. heeheehee KB. I can't believe I'm actually excited about going to Vegas. For the last two years it's been a HUGE stressfull event every time I had to go. Because my Mother was dying over the course of a whole year i had to go every month, sometimes twice and it was just...really hard. Now, it feels like a vacation!

    You know what I mean???
  13. Yeah Mystere was pretty good. I just wish I had taken the time to see "O." Its right in the Bellagio.

    Anyway, shopmom, I think the HAC would be okay even with the heat.
  14. I vote for the toile kelly (have not considered the smoke!) because shopmom you are bringing clothings in linen and they should go well with your vintage kelly.
  15. DH voted for Madame (he is smitten with Madame Kelly!) but he didn't take into account the smoke factor and just in case someone were to spill a drink on her. So I say take the HAC! :yahoo: