Which bag should I sell?

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  1. I decided to sell one of my bags to buy a new brown one. I'm torn between which one to sell, i think it will be one of the three in the bottom but which one?? help me...

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  2. The boy on the far right.
  3. Or the right one on the top.
  4. One of the vintage bags!
    But also depends what's the next bag that you want to buy? Which style?
  5. Yes I was thinking of one of the vintage bags too... I want to buy this bag:

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  6. The one in the middle on the bottom row :]
  7. Which is the one you reach for the least?

    For me it would be the boy on the bottom right.
  8. I'm not a huge fan of the velvet boy.. Don't like that dust gets on and stuff.
  9. I'm personally not a fan of vintage so it would be one of those two. Whichever one you use the least.
  10. i also think you should sell on of the vintage bags or the Boy on the top left
  11. Sell the Boy with gold hardware. You don't need 3 boys. You may add color into your collection. ;)
  12. thanks for all your advices. For now I sell the vintage bag in the middle. Maybe later I can bring myself to sell the boy bag with GHW to buy a more colourful bag ;)
  13. Vintage in the bottom middle or the velvet boy..
  14. +1
  15. Velvet boy or the vintage that sits in the middle of the front row.