Which bag should I save up for?

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  1. So I am almost 16 and I have always loved fashion, especially handbags. I have two Coach bags, one pair of Coach shoes, one Dooney and Bourke wristlet, and one Longchamp tote.
    I don't have a job because I'm just now learning how to drive, but I'm considering getting a job once I get my license.
    I love handbags, but some of them are definitely out of my price range for christmas and my birthday. (I mean that as in I could only get the bag for christmas and get nothing else. Both of my Coach bags were my only birthday presents for two years.) So once I get a job, I want to save up for a bag.

    Here's the problem, which one should I save up for?
    I'm debating between an LV Speedy, a Chloe Paddington, and some Chanel. I'm leaning towards the Speedy because it's half the price of the other two, but I just don't know!
    Do you think you all could help me decide?:yes:
  2. Go with the Speedy; then to, I'm a bit biased.
  3. A speedy would be a classic and it is not too expensive.
  4. I'd go with a Speedy too since it's a classic.

    BTW...I LOVE seeing young people here asking opinions on authentic handbags. Almost the entire female student body at the high school near my office carry fake Dooney or Coach...most of the bags are falling apart.
  5. Another vote for a speedy.
  6. i think a speedy is a great classic, can be wore by any age with an affordable price, it's a wise choice :yes:

    about the paddy, i think they've been having sales lately, sometimes on net a porter site, it can be bought only for 700$ which is almost the same price with the speedy.
    but this bag is quite heavy, the upside is : it can be shoulder handles not like the speedy.

    and the chanel, i think chanels are great. but there's lots of varieties, which one you're planning to get?
    i like to see young girls carrying small vintage chanel sling. :p
  7. Speedy! I love mine, and it's a classic you'll love for years to come.
  8. I also vote for the speedy but not in the monogram. I think a nice EPI in black (or go for a color if you like that better) would be a great first bag. The monogram is the most faked bag around.
  9. Speedy
  10. Here's the problem, which one should I save up for?
    I'm debating between an LV Speedy, a Chloe Paddington, and some Chanel.

    Personally I like the Chloe's better and if you hang tight and save your money there is a boutique in Bahrain that sells their Chloes around Christmas or sooner. There are a lot of thread about this place. I believe it's called Saccho Boutique-others can help if I'm wrong with the name. Anyway they were selling the Chloes for the $500 range...also the Nordstrom Rack had some on sale for $499. Watch the posts on the Deals and Steals. I believe that "Eucalyptic" posted a lot of them! Do a search!:smile:
  11. Another vote for the speedy! It is less pricey than the other two and it is a true classic that will never go out of style! You can carry it forever!
  12. How funny, I actually lived in Bahrain!
    I'll definitely check out the Deals and Steals board, but if I don't see anything good by the time I get enough money, I'm going for a Speedy.
    Thanks all!
  13. Yet another vote for the speedy! I also vote for a non-monogram style like the epi.
  14. Another vote for speedy. It's classic and more affordable, so you can get that more quickly than the other two. Then after that you can save for the others.
  15. I think I agree too, that I would go with a Speedy.

    Because the Speedy is a good first bag. Not INCREDIBLY expensive, but still a nice designer bag. It's also very recognizable as a named bag.

    I don't like Chanel...(SORRY!!!) but, I'm just not a fan of the quilted bags.

    And I LOVE CHLOE. Chloe is my favorite designer of everything right now. The only thing about Chloe is that yes, the locks make the bag sooo, heavy. But they are a great bag.

    As much as I vote for the Speedy, I don't like it either because everyone has a fake one. <.<

    But, in the end, it is all your decision, and regardless of what other people say, if you are going to spend a lot of money (and $500 is DEFINITELY a lot of money for a 16 year old...heck, I'm 20 and it's STILL a lot of money) then you need to get EXACTLY what you want, so five months down the road...it's not sitting in the back of your closet.

    And don't give up from your goal! And DON'T stop short and get tempted by a fake purse! Just save up and you'll be so happy that you did!