which bag should I keep?

  1. Roche paddy satchel with white hardware, or metallic bleu nuit pocket paddy with black hardware?

    Keep in mind, I don't need another bag, so I'm not trying to make a practical choice... just trying to decide which one is cuter.

    paddies 002.JPG
  2. Bleu Nuit with the black? I really do not like that white plastic padlock?
  3. Blue Nuit...not only becuase of the gorgoues colour but also because its a front pocket which is my favourite paddy style right now!
  4. one more vote for bleu nuit!
  5. And another vote for the bleu nuit!
  6. I just compared the roche bag from NAP to all my other paddies, and the leather just isn't the same. I really do like the cool hardware, but I think I might return it just because of the leather...
  7. For the money we spend on these bags (even at a deal) you gotta have the whole meal deal.

    I had to cough up 100 dollars to return a front pocket Paddy to AR last Spring (restocking fee and shipping). The leather just wasn't right.
  8. hmmm...i love the color of the roche but seeing them next to each other there is something really special about the bleu...how about the style, i know you have other satchels, what about pocket padys?
  9. Bleu nuit is my vote - I have the same bag and love it!
  10. Bleu Nuit. :smile:
  11. Same...
  12. Bleu nuit for me too!!
  13. The Blue Nuit is gorgeous!!
  14. Thanks everyone (so much!) for your opinions. I slept and it and woke up feeling like I should return both bags. Since I'm not completely in love with either one, it doesn't feel like a good idea to keep either.

    It's a shame about the roche paddy but the leather on that bag is just sub-par in my opinion. And the bleu nuit is gorgeous, but something about it isn't screaming to me.:confused1:
  15. Thats helps make way for a whole new bag....so What else do you have your eye on?