Which bag should I keep?

  1. Okay so my first tokidoki bag was a pirata in stellina, and I liked it so much I decided to buy a pirata in a zucca as well...

    The problem is I had to buy it sight unseen and I'm not sure if I love my zucca as much as the stellina... Its weird but for a bigger bag it looks like it actually shows less of the print.

    So my question is, which one should I keep? Should I keep them both? Do you guys think the print placement on the zucca sucks? I bought it from Macys.com so I can return it at my local store but it sucks because I wanted a zucca in pirata :sad:

    (Sorry for the bad quality of the pics)
    zucca1.jpg zucca2.jpg pirata1.jpg stellina2.jpg
  2. Here's larger pics... oops lol
    zucca1.jpg zucca2.jpg stellina2.jpg
  3. Zucca has a lady in the front with her head cut off... so I would pick the Stellina, your stellina is nice
  4. Well, I think you should prbably keep the zucca until you find one with better print placement. So that way, you won't feel guilty for selling it, b/c you wanted a pirata zucca. I actually like the print placememnt on the zucca. It has the pirate girls.

    If you really really need money then you should sell the one you don't want, the zucca. If you really just don't want the zucca then sell it, but since you can return it, you'll get your money back regardless.
  5. Yeah I guess I could probably keep it and buy another one and hope it has a better print placement...
  6. yeah, the front of the Zucca isn't great. It would annoy me if it were my bag.
  7. Yeah I don't mind the back of the bag but the front does annoy me :hrmm:
  8. I like your stellina. I see what you mean about the zucca it doesn't seem to have as much of the print. Return or sell the zucca.
  9. Yeah but I wish macys.com was still offering free shipping. Bah. :yucky:
  10. They offer free shipping pretty frequently. They will probably have another offer in a week or two.
  11. I like your stellina way better than your zucca. If you really want a zucca order 2 more and pick the one you want and return the rest. I can't understand why Macy's wouldn't carry the zucca in the store :wtf:
  12. Yeah good ideas... i'll just wait it out until they have free shipping again, hopefully they don't run out of zuccas! If they do i guess I was only meant to have one pirata... lol

    Well I work at a really small macys and they don't even carry lesportsac there! So since I get a discount when I shop at macys I decided to go with online.
  13. Oooh, holy cow you get a Macy's Discount....the shipping can't be that much ... just order them now...do it do it do it.!! :graucho:

    Actually, how bad do you want the zucca? If you can't live without it order more now...if you can live without it just wait it out. :smile:

    I'm a maniac:girlsigh:
  14. Shipping is super expensive (like $15 or something around there). I know I thought about ordering a citta campeggio that was on their website but there was no free shipping. I had to pass.
  15. Argh... Yeah I want to just order another one but I get a 20% discount which isn't the best... But shipping is 15 dollars which really sucks :sad: But its hard to resist just clicking ship... lol..