Which bag should I invest in??

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    I just pre-ordered the red Dior Cannage, but I also am in love with the patent Ramona. Any feedback on why I should choose one over the other would help me tremendously!!!! Wish I could afford both!!:girlsigh:
  2. Love that red bag!
  3. That is a hard one. They're both fantastic. I really like the Dior though-but I'm a red girl. Is your Ramona an "eggplant" color? If so, that's a great choice because it's hot for fall-I'm going to get a bag in that color but not sure which one I'm going to buy myself-
  4. I prefer the Ramona. I'm not a big fan of dior handbags.
  5. I know patent leather is going to be hot for fall but I really love that Dior!
  6. I love the Dior!
  7. Ramona! It's so big and delicious! Also more practical too. Good luck on your decision.
  8. Love the Dior
  9. I would 'invest' in the Dior :P
    I prefer its shape and color something about the quilting gets me everytime!
  10. red cannage for sure.
  11. the romona

    it will go with everything and looks more chic imo
  12. The Dior, just because double straps give me problems sometimes. The color on the Ramona is amazingly beautiful.
  13. ramona for me :P
  14. I vote for the Ramona!!! It's one of my dream bags!!
  15. It is a tough decision, but Im leaning more towards the Dior.