Which bag should I go for??

  1. This pink chanel pochette or LV mono speedy 25 or LV azur speedy 25?:smile:
  2. im from the LV forum so id say mono speedy
  3. Chanel
  4. There are so different bag ( pochette and Speedy ). Chanel is more expensive than LV. I guess sround a 100 GB pounds. I got both Chanel Cambon pochette and 2 speedy bag ( Mini Lin and Azur ). I choose to buy Chanel cambon Pochette (mine is in White and Black CC) before speedy but I recommended you to go for a Speedy. It is more practical, speceful and cheaper.

    If you choose between Speedy and Cambon Tote, I will vote for a Cambon. Anyway,My vote is for an Azur speedy!!
  5. Azur speedy!
  6. I am a huge fan of chanel, and a huge fan of that lv style.. so i'm gonna have to go with either the mono or azur speedy.. but i like the mono the best!
  7. azur speedy!
  8. I hate myself for saying this... the Chanel. 2nd vote for Azur.
  9. Definitely the mono speedy!
  10. mono speedy 25!
  11. I love the chanel
  12. Chanel :nuts:
  13. Azur Speedy...I've NEVER gotten so many compliments on a bag...the Azur makes everybody look twice and I love the fresh look!
  14. Go for the Chanel! I have that same one and love it, even though you can't fit much into it. The only thing is it is HARD to keep clean, but it is an exclusive color Chanel doesn't do anymore from what I was told.

    I would go for the Azur instead of the Mono, but that is just me ^___^
  15. azur speedy
    (since the speedy is more versatile and the azur is so sharp looking!)