Which Bag Should I Get?!?!?!

  1. I'm on the waitlist for the Miroir speedy in the silver and gold, but I was wondering should I get the papillon in gold instead of the silver speedy? :upsidedown: Help me choose, I don't know what to do?? :Push:
  2. i only like the Miroir line in silver, so i'd say get the silver Papillon. the gold is too flashy for me
  3. I second that plus I heard the speedy will be in 35, I personally think it's too big for something already "stand out " in the crowd.
  4. actually it's a 34 :weird:. and yes, the Speedy in that size would be too big as a metallic bag :Push:
  5. I am on for both the silver and gold speedy. I prefer that shape but I am just not into the papillion!?!

  6. Thanks for straight thing out..that's odd number LOL:lol:
  7. I've put my name in for a gold papillon and silver speedy, the silver speedy would be more suitable for daily wear and the gold papillon would look great at night events.

    If you're looking at daily wear, strongly suggest the silver speedy because I think the gold speedy would look kind of flashy during the day.
  8. I agree. Love the silver....
  9. The Papillion just seems a little small for my use. I'm on for the silver Speedy and think it'd be cute :smile:
    The only gold piece I'll be getting is the pochette..I just don't think I'd feel comfy carrying a HUGE gold bag unless it were the gold Suhali Le Fab.
  10. Speedy 34 :weird:
  11. It's a TINY bit smaller than the 35 but if you want a true comparison, it's about the size of the Epi Speedies.
  12. iono...I like the gold colour for the entire line....so I'd say gold Papillon....lol...imo, I think the silver looks too much like those aluminum sheets that you use for food.....
  13. I like both colors but prefer gold. I just think it would go with more stuff and is the color that looks less like a mirror really.
  14. I do love that gold!!!
  15. Feel free to help a purse addict come to a decision everyone? :whistle: