Which bag should I get?

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  1. I am trying to make a decision. Which bag do you think is most versatile and I would enjoy using? :hrmm:

    Cognac scarf tote


    (hobo horsebit in cognac)

    I got the pics from the Gucci website.
  2. You will not be disappointed with the Cognac Horsebit Hobo! That color is TDF
  3. Do you think it is as dressy as the tote and easy to use?
  4. I vote for the hobo!
  5. I love the looks of both bags. For me personally, I am on the short side. The hobo just dwarfed me. Also, the opening didn't work for me so I didn't buy the hobo.. I do love the look of it it.. The tote seems more functional to me as an everyday bag but that is just my opinion.. Maybe you can stop by a store and try both of them on with your things in it and see how it works for you?
  6. Most definitely! I think the leather makes it more versatile and easy to use. :yes: Let us know what you decide on
  7. I definitely go for the horsebit. It is a classic style and the color is fabulous.
  8. I love them both, but the horsebit seems like a much more classic bag. The leather also seems nicer.
    The scarf totes are all very cute, but the problem with them is that next year, they'll already look last season, since they're so recognizable and so many people have them. I also don't like how the scarf on that one sort of "crumples" the leather.
  9. Definatley the horsebit hobo. I'm dying for one!
  10. horsebit :smile:
  11. Horsebit.
  12. I think the hobo is more casual....
    I vote for the hobo
  13. Im a tote lover myself.
  14. horsebit.... i think its TDF.
  15. i vote for the hobo.