Which Bag should i get?

  1. Hi TPF'ers

    I am looking for help in deciding which bag i should get.

    I am after a casual/everyday bag as i have two kids. I already have a black classic flap and a black new lock bag so am after a little colour this time.

    I have narrowed it down to a dark bordeaux GST/PST or an expandable N-S tote in either white/red/brown.

    As i live in Australia i havent seen these bags IRL and we are not getting them (of course:tdown:), so need opinions from those who may have seen them. What would you go for?

  2. That is a hard decision. Since your looking for more of a casual bag, the expandable tote in red would be nice.
  3. I want the red one!!
  4. Anyone know who is getting the red one? I know most stores seem to be getting white/black.
  5. I like the red one!
  6. white one!
  7. I like the white as well.
  8. tough choice but i love it in red.
  9. the red one. more style in that.
  10. Hmm... I think I'd go for the red
  11. I normally don't go for red as far as handbags but I must say the North South in red is beautiful.

    I would probably get it in brown though, just because I prefer colors that will match everything.
  12. i like the expandable in either white or red. I would be worried about color transfer with the white on though.
  13. Dark bordeaux GST or red N-S tote.
  14. My vote is for the white one.
  15. whats the price of the expandable tote?